What Kind of Hygiene is required for Skin Allergies?

An allergy is a body disorder caused by exposure to substances or chemicals that are either ingested or come into contact with the body. Allergic reactions are caused by the body identifying the substance as foreign and harmful triggering mechanisms that try to destroy them. Some of the most common substances that could trigger allergic […]

Health Care Options for the Self-Employed

America’s economy is increasingly fueled by freelancers and the self-employed. In 2006, official census reports revealed that nearly 20% of the workforce in the United States was self-employed, and with the scarcity of jobs, more and more people are turning to independent work. But while freelancing comes with benefits such as freedom, control, and flexibility, […]

Your Computer Needs a Physical, Too

It’s easy to assume that once you’ve made a significant purchase like a new laptop that it will just continue to work and you won’t have to worry over it. But computers are like cars—significant purchases require attention and maintenance to work at their best. Heck, your computer is like you—safe and healthful practices will […]

Boosting Sales by Knowing your Options in accepting Credit Payments

Accepting credit cards as payment is no longer a courtesy or convenience for your customers. Yes, there are definite advantages to you as the merchant, including higher average tickets and a reduced risk of fraud compared to checks. But with technology multiplying the methods for processing card payments, consumers now expect to be able to […]

Real-Time Marketing: Is It Worth Your Business’s Time?

The Super Bowl’s most interesting advertising moment didn’t happen on television. Shortly into the football game’s first quarter, an odd JC Penney-branded tweet emerged. “Who kkmew theis was ghiong tob e a baweball ghamle. #lowsscorinh 5_0” said the social commenter, instantly causing the Twitterverse to erupt with speculation on whether the party had started a […]

What Big Data Is & How It Is Used

“Big Data” tops the list of tech world buzz words. While the term may sound enigmatic, the principles behind it are not; Big Data is exactly what is sounds like: a collection of data so massive and complex that it can’t be processed via conventional data processing and database management tools. When harnessed to its […]

Traffic School Is Boring; Or is it?

Many states base their driving privileges on a points system; receive too many violations or score too many points within too short a period of time, and your license will be revoked.  The more severe the offense, the more points a person receives when convicted of it.  Simple speeding tickets could be worth a point […]

Resolutions to Use Less Power

There are many ways that can be found to save. Each will allow you to not only have a positive influence on the environment, but give you a break in your finances. Be aware of how big of an impact these changes can make on your everyday life. You would be surprised how easy they […]

How to Get Your Ex Back

How many of us have that “one that got away?” Even Katy Perry did, so we can all feel better about our grief, right? Sometimes, these relationships end for a good reason, and “the one that got away” becomes “thank you for leaving.” Other times, however, we let a person go or are let go […]

Is car brokerage a good deal for you?

When looking for a vehicle, there are two traditional channels that you simply can't avoid: car dealerships and online classified ads. People that do not know much about these products tend to blindly follow the advice of a sales' representative while knowledgeable people will hassle a bit more to get prices down and get the […]